Wednesday, December 7, 2016

FTL #4 - Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel - Seeing Wonder In The World

Things To Talk About:

  • Rabbi Heschel marched for Civil Rights in Selma, Alabama with Dr. Martin Luther King in 1965.  He would later describe the experience as "Praying With My Legs".  What do you think he meant by that?  What would it look like for you to pray with your legs or arms?  What would it feel like?
  • Rabbi Heschel talked about the importance of being AMAZED by the world.  What does AMAZEMENT mean?  Make a list of 5 things in the world that AMAZE you.  Compare your lists with one another.  How would describe the experience of being AMAZED?  How does it impact or change you?  
  • One of Rabbi Heschel's book is called: God In Search of Man.  Does that title make sense to you?  How can God search for Man?  Explain it or try to guess what he meant by it.

Things To Read, Watch, Listen and Learn More: